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I remember a time when if I wanted a picture of something that happened at a Habs game I would wait until the next days’ Gazette. I would turn to the sports page and get a picture or two of one player or another with their face smashed up against the glass. Well, technology has changed and if you have a teenager you are well aware of the social media app SNAPCHAT.  Send a pic to a friend or tell a story or video for your friends to share and erase it whenever you want.


Most NHL teams have a social media crew in charge of Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now with snapchat, the team uploads a story starting with a pre-game video showing the warm up or the national anthem, and throughout the game, whether it be a goal or fan interaction. Its a great way to get younger fans interested in the game and only means more money at the gift shop next time around. Its a great way for the kids to get excited without necessarily knowing the game of hockey. Sometimes it’s just about selling the brand. We know it works and teams are taking advantage of this new way of marketing.  Of course I had to borrow my kids account and a tutorial on how to use Snapchat to watch, but thats fine. Its not 1985 anymore, and I don’t have to wait for the Sunday Express.


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