Tommy Youngsteen Concert Photos

Tim Snow photos ( from Friday April 21 at Fairmount Theatre when Tommy Youngsteen nearly blew the roof off the place.

The Billy Bob Productions event began with a spirited set by Jesse Stone & The Freeloaders, highlighted by Jesse’s new single “Lead” (as in led).

Tommy Youngsteen delivered on our promise of an old school Friday night dance party as they ripped through Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” album plus other gems from Springsteen’s songbook. One of many highlights was an extended version of “Dancing in the Dark” which featured a sensational sax solo while frontman Alan Snoddy pulled his mom Helen out of the audience to dance on stage.

Thanks to all the musicians and the crew at Fairmount Theatre. And thanks for continuing to support Billy Bob Productions.

Keep on rockin in the free world.

Jesse Stone & The Freeloaders:

Jesse Stone – Vocals & guitar
Nic Power – Guitar
Erik Fines – Bass
Alex Lebel – Keys
Pablo – Drums

Tommy Youngsteen:

Alan Snoddy – Vocals & Guitar
Joan Smith – Vocals & Tambourine
Josh Trager – Drums
Graham Playford – Guitar & Vocals
Ben Gerlis – Guitar & Vocals
Gregory Pacquet – Guitar
Del Cowsill – Bass
Alan Zamaitis – Piano
Julian Nali – Saxophone
Thomas Moffatt – Trumpet
Steve Lavery – Keys/Guitar
Shane Murphy (Special Guest) – Vocals & Guitar on “I’m Going Down” & “Atlantic City”

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