I learned a long time ago that a good headline grabbed the readers attention. So Tiger actually just signed a multiyear deal with Bridgestone Golf to exclusively play and promote its golf ball line.

As part of the deal, Woods will play with the new Bridgestone B330-S golf balls. Nike announced in the summer they had decided to get out of the golf equipment business. Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg said Woods tried out a bunch of balls ( insert your own joke here) and decided the Bridgestones were the best. The fact is, regardless of which balls he prefers, its been a long time since Woods has played or competed at a high level but people still follow him. The size of the golf ball market is $420 million dollars and people will tune in to watch Woods to see if he still has some magic left in him.

A couple of weeks ago Tiger, battling back problems, played an event for the first time in 15 months. I tuned in to watch. Woods still has that factor that people want to see him play.  As long as he does, companies will line up to pay him.  Contrary to popular belief, not many companies  dropped him when he had his own “ball”  problems and if he finds a way to win a tournament or two next year, they will line up again.

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