The game of musical cities that NFL franchises have been playing lately hasn’t stopped just yet.

The move of the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas hit a major snag this week.  Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson pulled his share of fundraising for the $1.9 billion dollar stadium. Goldman Sachs decided to drop out of the project after Adelson dropped his support.

An Oakland group led by Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott is making a last ditch effort to keep the Raiders in the Bay Area.  His plan is to build a new stadium in Oakland.

The city of San Diego may be back in the mix here. The mayor of San Diego has already made it clear to the NFL that the city is open to taking in the Raiders.

The NFL will meet in the coming months to vote on all of this but in the meantime the game of musical chairs continues. While football fans in California get dizzy.

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