In Episode 6 Mitch & Shane get into the holiday spirit by featuring not the little drummer boy but the grown ups who have anchored some of the best groups and artists of all time. With music by The Mavericks, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich and gospel era Dylan.

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  1. Geoff Lang

    Hey Guys – nice job on the Drummer podcast!

    I was especially curious to hear your take in the Buddy Rich segment…I’ve always been a big fan and have just recently (5 years?) been investigating his technique, musical approach, etc. I’ve also come across some interesting background about Buddy’s life, and – while he was generally known to be a heartless S.O.B. – I found this one especially poignant, and nicely illustrates the ‘other’ side of Buddy…



    • Mitch

      Thanks for listening Geoff. Buddy Rich was probably my all time favorite guest w/Johnny Carson.


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