In episode 2 of The Melnick ‘N Murphy podcast Mitch & Shane salute the late Tom Petty. It’s a loving tribute featuring classic and under the radar songs by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with a dash of Bob Dylan and The Traveling Wilburys. We hope you find it therapeutic.


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  1. Alex N.

    Referring to “Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough)”, when Petty’s first Greatest Hits compilation was released in ’94 (?), no track from that album was included, not even “Jammin’ Me”, which was a bona fide hit. I guess his displeasure with that album which you discussed might explain that.

  2. Eddy Marwick

    Wow! What memories you’re making me relive. I just pulled out my old vinyls, showing my wife the ones I got before I met her over 36 years ago. We grew up with T.P. Can’t believe he’s no longer with us. Love your choice of songs.

    • Mitch Melnick

      Thanks Eddy. We could do a part two with songs from his recent albums which I love plus his two with Mudcrutch. Then there’s Echo/She’s The One/The Last DJ…

  3. Max

    Love the podcast go for longer! It’s sounding great it would be tragic to cut it off after 45 minutes. You could get a solid two hours at least

  4. Gary Davies

    Any chance we will be seeing The Melnick & Murphy podcast gravitate to ITunes any time soon where one can download it and listen to it or re-listen in the car or on the go?