Full disclosure here – I did not watch the game live. But I did catch moments here and there while Christmas shopping. Well, actually, I caught the first period at a bar while family members shopped. And eventually caught the edited version of the game via RDS. So I’ll dispense with the traditional format while eagerly awaiting the main feature of the back to back double bill against the hottest two teams in the NHL.

  • Habs looked good again but for one of those rare instances this season, Carey Price was the second best goalie on the ice.
  • Alexander Radulov misses Alex Galchenyuk. So do the Habs.
  • Jeff Petry has become Montreal’s best defenseman. For the time being.
  • The Answer: Patrick Laine, Auston Matthews, Jimmy Vesey and Mitch Marner. The Question: Name the NHL rookies who have scored more goals this season than Arturri Lehkonen.
  • Michael McCarron and Daniel Carr are making things happen down low. Carr might be running out of time to produce but who’s going to knock McCarron out of the line up?
  • It’s one thing for a productive goal scorer to keep firing blanks while his team is winning. But now that they’ve settled into a .500 team without Galchenyuk, it would be really timely for Brendan Gallagher to hit the back of the night. If you’re still counting – that’s 11 games without a goal. And just one goal since October 24 (27 games – or fully one third of a season. Or Tomas Plekanec territory).
  • Brian Flynn is playing his best hockey as a Hab.
  • Habs finally do the right thing and give Mark Barberio some power play time, so naturally it blows up on them.
  • Who’s the guy – without 27 around – who finally says enough is enough and takes charge on the power play?
  • Shea Weber played over 30:00. In the first of the most difficult back to back games of the season. Time management a la Andy Reid.
  • Carey Price was hardly overworked. When was the last time he had back to back bad outings? He should be starting in Columbus.


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  1. Raw man

    Radulov’s trio-mates seem to struggle finishing his wicked plans to penetrate the opponents defense. On the other side #31 let in 2 which he normally stops while having a cup of Tim Horton’s in one glove. Major ingredients of yesterday’s fiasco. *Very hyped about Montoya tonight.*

  2. Ian London

    I’m going to speak of these last two games.

    MN: Montoya should have started. CP31 has looked too laid back recently and it cost us. plus why risk subjecting Montoya to the razzing he’d get in Columbus? Bad play by Barberio at point but poorer play by Carey on an easy shot from outside. Powerplay lacks any intensity – more passes back than forward. Still, at the very least we should have taken this to OT/SO and at worst taken a losers point from that game.

    Columbus: How do those two guys get so wide open on their goals? other than that we are snake bit – Gally and Byron had glorious chances to score. Montoya gave us a chance. we didn’t take it and we lost a game that we could have won.

    So we get 0 points from two games that we could have had atleast 3. So stop complaining abut the injuries. it’s part of the game. People have to step up. I’m seeing some effort and some good things but no finishing. if we moan about injuries by the time those players return we may be out of the playoff picture. As much as I’d like to get rid of MT and get a good draft pick I do not want to miss the playoffs again. And missing the playoffs will guarantee Rads going elsewhere and CP31 considering his options. So suck it up boys and play like you mean it for 60 minutes!!!