And the hits just keep on coming.

But really, who’s going to remember this game – other than Zane McIntyre?


  • Carey Price. He’s 8-0 with a 1.63 GAA & Save Pct of .953. In his last 20 starts for the Habs Price is 18-2. Yawn.
  • Alex Galchenyuk-Alexander Radulov-Paul Byron. Which one of these is not like the other? To his credit, Byron sniffed out a chance to win the game by heading to the net. He easily beat his check – David Backes – and slipped the puck in to win with 62 seconds to play. Byron appears to have inherited the old Dale Weise role under Michel Therrien: Move him up, move him down, move him all around….at least until the GM finds a better alternative to play on the top line. It was Radulov, naturally, who made the play on the game winner by doing what he does best – hang onto the puck to buy some time to figure out what to do with it. “He’s my favourite Hab to watch” said Mitch Gallo on the Post Game Show. “Of all time”. Galchenyuk’s goal was also a treat as he beat Zane McIntyre from in close with a nifty backhand – the kind of goal he used to score in shootouts. (PS – Is McIntyre the first pro athlete to play in Montreal with the name Zane since Zane Smith pitched for he Expos in 1989-90?)
  • Shea Weber. Another strong effort at both ends of the ice. His blast on the power play opened the scoring and officially welcomed McIntrye to the Bell Centre. And his only blip defensively (3 hits, 5 blocked shots) came on the first shift after Byron’s goal snapped a 2-2 tie (below).

  • Team Canada Revisited. Brad Marchand carries the puck with speed over the Montreal blue line, performs a stutter step to easily skate around Weber, drops the puck into the slot area where Patrice Bergeron doesn’t get great wood (aluminum?) on it but it’s still a good scoring chance which Carey Price saves because he’s in perfect position. Like a September practice during the World Cup.
  • Jeff Petry. Was that really Petry slamming Ryan Spooner into the boards a la Alexei Emelin? Petry’s best game in awhile.
  • Daniel Carr. Strong return. It was Carr’s work in front of the net that got Zdeno Chara to take a high sticking penalty which led to Weber’s opening goal.
  • Jack Nicklaus. How random was that? Maybe he’s in town looking for some land.


  • Max Pacioretty. Looks lost. Spending most of his time on the ice stuck in neutral. A goal will loosen him up, won’t it?
  • David Desharnais. The Habs are 11-1-1.
  • Andrew Shaw. He joked early on that he was playing for the first time with a centreman who actually wants to get him the puck. Zero shots combined for Shaw and Desarnais. And that shift in the third period when Shaw twice had control in his own zone only to cough it up to a member of the Bruins? The kind of shift that gets a younger player under Therrien nailed to the bench.


  • What happened America?



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7 Responses

  1. Shane

    I love winning hockey games but I hate how they’re doing it.

    This is a recipe for disaster, or is Carey Price going to show the world once again why he wins the Hart, Vezina, and Jennings (shared of course).

    New players, same results. How do we get different results? Therrien, JJ, and Dan. The common denominators.

    Shane from Brandon!

    • sled ed

      Jennings will only be shared if Montoya plays enough games

  2. Rick L

    I have to agree with Shane … there were some positives on the Boston game (thanks Mitch) but not enough to convince me that our game plan doesn’t revolve around Carey Price … having said that, I have concerns for this team should Price go down for any length of time … I’m really hoping they find their game against LA … the Kings just blew the doors off Toronto and with a day between games I suspect they’ll come out like gangbusters tomorrow night against Montreal … could be worse … Donald Trump could be the next president … err … just a sec …

  3. eric

    Even with our new players nothing has changed. The ONLY reason we win is because of Cary. The system is flawed. This talk about apologizing for having the best goalie in the world is BS. No one is apologizing for having the best goalie in the world. What’s being pointed out is the lousy system he runs which results in Cary having to make 40+ saves a night for the team to win.

  4. dra58

    Another Good from last night was Arpon’s question to M/T about having friends…

    A response to our system “CAREY” .. M/T used a similar system in Pittsburgh but he also had a good(not the best) goalie in MAF and he had Sid et al.. as well. It didn’t work there so unless Carey stays healthy and is the next Messiah things will have to change soon like by this weekend or we will see what real offenses can do to his system.

    P.S. After last night I am thinking of moving north.

    • Rick L

      Eric, I think one positive I took away from last night’s game was, it doesn’t matter who plays with Galchenyuk/Radulov … these two will do just fine regardless who’s on their line …


  5. joe

    I love this blog!
    Something is fundamentally wrong with this Habs team, and its the exact same thing that was wrong 12 months ago. They are going down the same road, leaning too much on Price and the over-performing depth players are being shifted around to compensate for the underperforming “core” players(Pacioretty/Plekanec).
    I liked the moves that Bergevin made in the off-seaon, as much as I liked PK….But the solution to last season’s woes hasn’t been exercised yet.
    Price looks RIPE to lead a team to the Cup, it blows my mind that the returning core players don’t look any different from a season ago, do they really need a harder lesson than suffering the worst collapse in team history?
    I’d love to give Therrien a bourbon and a cigarette and ask him what ails the team…