The NFL is going to experiment with the lengths between ads and how frequent breaks are starting in week 16. Its is obvious that the NFL is taking the ratings drop seriously.

The changes are not expected to change the ad times but will alter how many breaks there are. This experiment could let the NFL know whether fans want fewer but longer breaks or morewfrequent but shorter breaks.

It is obvious that the NFL would not change the amount of ads that are played. This is part of the bread and butter for the networks. The fact is though that policy needs to change. After a touchdown we are stuck with commercials only to come back and watch a ball being kicked off in the end zone and more commercials.  I am sure when I look back at my life some day  I will wonder about the lost  time I could have had,  but instead watched a useless kick off.

It is not known yet whether all the NFL broadcasters will be part of the effort, or just a part of the effort. They will have to do something. The NFL was thought to be bulletproof in terms of their fan base. As a guy named BOB once said. ” The Times They Are A-Changin ”


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