The beginning of June has been very kind!

Fresh music (and tour dates) from Arcade Fire, a new Foo Fighters song along with a video directed by Dave Grohl himself, and those are just scratching the surface.


This song has summer anthem written all over it. Win and the gang descend on the desert to bring you this disco-grooving new single from their upcoming album of the same name. It has disco flare, some ABBA-style pianos and a massive singalong that will please countless crowds on their just-announced tour. In fact, the singalong you hear on the track is a recording of an actual festival crowd in New Orleans (watch below).

Along with the new track came news they’ll be performing at the Bell Centre Sept. 6th.  Tickets go on sale June 9th at 10am.



Foo Fighters dropped a surprise new song, and don’t let the geriatric vibe trick you into thinking this is a meditative ballad about coming of age. Dave and the gang are decked out in makeup to look like seniors as they rock an old-folks home, but this song is definitely on the heavier end of the Foo Fighters’ spectrum. The video culminates in a Thriller-style dance routine, and as it turns out, the guy who did their makeup was actually in the Thriller video.



The Canadian indie titans are back with another taste of their upcoming album, “Hug of Thunder,” out July 7th.  The sky is the limit on the dreamy new track that will have festival audiences smiling and swaying all summer. “Skyline waits for the world/ Skyline waits for the fall/ But you shouldn’t have come all/ Because I know/ You’re never gonna be that way.” Catch them at Osheaga, August 5th. 


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