We haven’t seen a Saturday-Sunday with a combination of so much alcohol and losing since Ray Milland in “The Lost Weekend”.

  • It’s so bad for the Habs right now that even Alex Galchenyuk looks like a 4th line call up from St. John’s.
  • While there seems to be a new arrival every other day (Welcome to the NHL Joel Hanley) can anybody explain why Charles Hudon – with a team team leading 23 goals – remains on “The Rock” while Jacob de la Rose – still scoreless in 19 games with just one assist – remains in the NHL?
  • In 10:35 Stefan Matteau was a total zero – no shots, no missed shots, no blocked shots, no hits. Maybe he should go to St. John’s.
  • Lucas Lessio was only slightly better in three more minutes of ice time.
  • At least Michael McCarron scored his first NHL goal (and second point) in his 14th game. Here’s hoping his celebration in a 4-1 loss was ok with Max Pacioretty.
  • There was a lot of chirping – as usual – between the Montreal and Ottawa benches Saturday night. HNIC’s Glenn Healy, once he could take his finger off the mute button, revealed some of what Mark Stone and others were yapping at Pacioretty – “The guys on your own bench don’t even like you”. I thought that was supposed to be reserved for P.K. Subban.
  • You know you’re slumping when….
  • Lars Eller was alone in front of the Ottawa net with time and space and…hit the goalpost. At the Bell Centre against Calgary there was Eller with the puck on a two on one with Tomas Plekanec and staring down Niklas Backstrom, who was making his first NHL start in goal in 14 months. Eller fired a shot into Backstrom’s belly. In 43 games since December 3rd, Eller has scored three goals. Eller’s salary next year jumps to 4.25 million dollars.
  • Plekanec, meantime, found himself alone in front of Backstrom in the dying seconds of the second period. He also fired the puck into the Flames logo. Plekanec’s goalless drought has reached 18 games (with just 5 assists). Plekanec’s salary next year jumps to seven million dollars.
  • Michel Therrien’s “The effort was there” spiel is aimed at who, exactly?
  • Bob Hartley’s toughest assignment in Montreal was navigating his way across St. Catherine Street during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. He pulled it off with the ease of one of his forwards looking to set up alone in front of the Montreal net.

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  1. Michael Nixon

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the guy who has to leave town is Pacioretty…definitely not Subban. I have seen nothing from Pacioretty this year to conclude he is the guy to lead this team going forward. What baffles me is that it is my understanding he was voted captain by his teammates! if that is true, what does that say about Montreal players. Now, this has been a bad season and you don’t want to overreact but there is no question that Plekanec and Eller also need to be shown the door and soon. Again, though, the blame has to go to Bergevin for signing these guys to ridiculous contracts.

    Bergevin wanted the blame…well, he’s got it as far as i am concerned. Right now, he is a terrible GM, worse even than the Ghost.

    • Ralph

      I keep asking, and no one answers…. Who counted those ballots?