First the Warriors announced plans for their new arena in San Francisco and now the Raiders have formally filed papers to relocate the team to Las Vegas.

The NFL will likely vote on the relocation request in March at the NFL annual meeting. The Raiders will need 24 votes to make it official. The Raiders don’t believe they received enough help from the city of Oakland even though a plan was put together by the city to keep them there. Unlike the move by the Warriors, this isn’t a move across a bridge for the fans. I would suspect that the fans in Oakland will not respond well should this become reality. Only time will tell which brings me to my next subject…

Today the 45th President of the United States was inaugurated. Like so many in the world,  I was shocked in November of 2016 on that Tuesday evening after Donald J Trump had won.

I was a supporter of Bernie Sanders early on and shifted my allegiance to Clinton after that. What has struck me the most since that date is not the Trump tweets, or the people he surrounded himself with. What I have found astonishing is the Facebook posts and Twitter feeds from friends and acquaintances since November. Many people have expressed opinions positively on Trump for various reasons but I have come to  appreciate them.  I have learned a great deal about people in the last couple of months.  It is easier for people to blast segments of populations and religions because it easy to do on a Facebook post. Yet in many cases, these people take no interest in their kids education or lives, or their retirement, or just being good people. But God forbid you think Trump does not have enough basic qualities for my children to find admirable or you’re labeled a leftist pig!

The funny thing about all this is that I am in the financial field. I am directly affected by his Presidency as is anyone who has investments that might make all of us more money. However that doesn’t mean everything. I have told my children and made it clear that life is not only about making the best deal and making money. Its not always about being the loudest in the room or craving attention.  That life has a lot more to offer and just because a person who is all those things was elected to the most important position in the free world does not mean he represents all of the people. I thought that was more important to discuss with them. I hope that Trump succeeds in general and learns over time how to represent a nation. In the meantime I will continue to watch people fight on Facebook and hope one day they too will realize how foolish that really is.

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