As we all enjoy our Tuesday afternoon, people across the Untied States are standing in line to get a sweet job with President Elect Trump. The Apprentice has now left NBC and moved  his act to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D. C.  Many of his nominees seem to be auditioning as if they were still contestants on his show.

Well here comes ex-MLB Jose Canseco who is lobbying Trump to be the next Federal Reserve chairman of the United States. This is presumably a joke. However, Trump is the same guy who is considering former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine as ambassador to Japan. Canseco has been tweeting how successful he has been and how he would make a great Fed Chair.  He figures at least he could be the ambassador to Cuba.

All this seems funny to most, but the stock market reacts to news in strange ways. President-elect Trump has commented on companies lately, including Boeing and Lockheed, and within minutes those stocks reacted like a roller coaster. So I have learned to not count anyone out in this crazy era of politics and business.

It has made me think about some other sports figures and positions they could hold in Trumps’ America. Trump can even make up brand new departments. At this juncture my money is on Department of Huuuuuugee Egos. That goes easily to Alex Rodriguez ….Stay tuned.

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