Now that the Sand Diego Chargers are no more, a group of investors see an opportunity for an MLS team to fill the space of Qualcomm Stadium.

The investors provided a plan this week to tear down Qualcomm Stadium and build a joint-use stadium for soccer and San Diego State football.

The stadium would have 20,000 to 30,000 seats while leaving open some acreage for a larger stadium should the NFL decide to return. This is still in the preliminary stage but it’s not a bad idea to try to drum up support for something new.

I could only imagine what awesome ideas Montreal could have come up with had they decided to blow up the Olympic Stadium. Perhaps we could have had Madonna perform the ceremony?  The  billion dollar Olympic Stadium has had numerous issues over the last couple of decades. But I still have only the fondest memories – many of which returned after Tim Raines was finally elected to the hall of fame. I suggest you take the ride to Cooperstown this July for the ceremony. I was there in 2015 for the induction of Pedro Martinez and it was a weekend I’ll never forget. I was a last minute addition to a group of characters who rented a home near Cooperstown for the weekend. The list included the likes of Melnick, Slayd, Farrar, Kaufman and a guy named Jonah Keri.  Most people have heard by know how we crashed Pedro’s private Red Sox party and even got our own Mayor Denis Coderre into the festivities. I still remember the look on the face of the Red Sox brass as our group walked into the party with EXPOS gear on.  I also remember telling Jonah Keri how he may not have a job after that evening. For the record, Jonah did not like nor appreciate the comment. ” Its a Chomedey thing” clearly did not go over well.

In any case it was an amazing weekend and if you plan on attending here are some tips. DO NOT drink too much water before the ceremonies. You may actually be stuck in a Port-O-Potty during the induction ceremony that you drove six hours to get to ( fool me once shame on me…). DO NOT make reservations at a restaurant on Main Street the night of the parade. If you are late and need to cross the street to get there, you will have issues ( Melnick and Rubin). If you enjoy an adult beverage or two and see Ric Flair at the bar across the street, please do not approach ( Slayd).  And  finally, I would suggest all to bring  sunscreen and a chair to sit on for the ceremony on Sunday. As usual,my mom was right

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