The St Louis Cardinals are offering a new ticket package service to all fans for the 2017 season. They are offering a monthly subscription available for $29.99 which will grant them the opportunity to attend as many home games as they want for that month (excluding Opening Day).

The purchaser must use the Ballpark mobile app and on each game date, Cardinals Ballpark Pass subscribers will receive a ticket delivered electronically to their smartphone. The tickets are for standing room only but the price of $30 is easy enough for fans to consume. The truth is though, with plenty of empty seats during the season, fans can find a seat in the ballpark without paying a hefty price tag. The bonus is the monthly pass authorizes fans to any promotional giveaway tied to the game. Hard not to be excited about $30 and bobble heads!

The subscription automatically runs every month, and if the owner would like to cancel, he or she would have to do so  by the 20th of the previous month. This an easy and cheap way to see a ball game and I do think this is the first of many type subscriptions to follow in professional sports.

Can you imagine if the Bell Centre had standing room like the Forum used to? I wonder what the price of a monthly subscription might cost here… I do think a second mortgage may be a start…

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