Ezekiel Elliott is  one of the few people  who does not want 2016  to end. The first round pic of the Cowboys has been having quite the year. He is a candidate for the MVP and rookie of the year in the NFL. And now he may be the reason that the Salvation army has seen a 61 percent spike in online donations since Sunday.

If you missed Sunday nights match up between the Cowboys and the Bucs,  Elliott hopped into one of the red kettles behind the end zone after a touchdown. He crouched to disappear and than sprung to applause. It was replayed countless of times on the broadcast and millions more across social media avenues. Elliott received the obvious 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration but coach  Jason Garret cut the running back some slack. Garrett  said the rule is inconsistent as the Packers have the ” Lambeau Leap”  without anyone getting a penalty.  I am not sure the Cowboy  kettle is quite the same though.


In any event , Elliott had already announced that he will match any fine he may receive with a donation to the Salvation Army. Unfortunately, the NFl announced they will not fine him perhaps because the corporation is in the Christmas spirit. Regardless Elliott donated 21 thousand dollars yesterday. Good karma could go a long way. Ezekiel Elliott  is still being investigated by the NFL for an alleged domestic violence incident over the summer even though charges were dropped…




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