It appears that the recent presidential election affected ratings for local NHL games. To be honest how can people be surprised? IF you were looking for fast paced action and some good old fighting than you had to look no further than CNN or FOX.

A collection of ratings of 21 U.S. based teams was compiled and twelve of the teams posted ratings decline. The Colorado Avalanche have seen the largest drop, down 57 percent. Where have you gone, Patrick Roy?

Nine teams saw their ratings increase over the last season, led by the Columbus Blue Jackets, whose ratings are up 110 percent. The fact that the team won 16 games in a row earlier in the season, including a 10-0 shellacking of the Canadiens, certainly helps. It also proves that winning is the best recipe for success.  Although an argument can be made that it only applies to sports.  Some can look to our neighbours in the south and suggest that sometimes winning just means whining.

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